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. >> i mean, they think so. they seem to be hedging their bets and saying it's not just about one smartphone, it's about a mobile computing system. take that for what it's worth. but, you know, they think that they have something viable and powerful. they're confident. everything they've said over the last few months and employees that i've talked to are confident that this is something new and that the market will respond. >> will, good to see you. thanks for joining us. all will be revealed later. will connors, reporter at the "wall street journal." i'm talking about in terms of the phone. >> 10:00 a.m. eastern, correct? five hours to go. countdown. >>> boeing's ongoing dreamliner woes threaten to overshadow its report later today for fourth quarter earnings. can it keep flying high? >>> welcome to "worldwide exchange." if you're just tuning in, i'm kelly evans. >> i'm ross westgate. here are your headlines. >> spain sees a bigger than expected drop in fourth quarter gdp as one of its most indebted regions asked for nine billion euros. >>> trades low after posting full-year earn
a safe bet. you know the public spending is not resolved yet. the debt ceiling has still to be tackled. in the euro area, i can't believe appreciate politicians are going to keep quiet through 2013. i guess the key thing is, what do you do for those setbacks? for us, we would look to trade those setbacks positively. so we're looking for an opportunity to move into equities in particular, not netsly to restreet for them. okay. so are you suggesting -- i mean, the number of people are saying, look, the next month or so, we get a green light and we're going into earnings season. we get a green light for equities. and companies are going to be fundamentally supported. so they're going to -- particularly in spain, use their cash to keep buying back stocks. >> i think they will. i think they'll buy back their stocks, they'll pay bigger dif dens. as confidence comes back, they'll buy each other. so the takeover story will gather momentum. they may even start investing in more fixed assets and generally, you know, expanding their businesses. i think all those things will happen. don't get me w
know? they were really getting into it. but i would bet on the yankee necessary 2013. that's just me. >> kelly, do you want to bet on the yankees for 2013? >> i'll go with maria on this one. i hear you guys got a little plug of grass from the 3,000 hit, i understand? >> yeah. they were giving away little wall mounts with dirt from the 3000 pitch. >> i threw the first pitch. it was a couple of years ago. >> i don't need this dirt. come on. it's bigger and better. >> i have to tell you, i was looking at this ring. i didn't know what i was looking at. i was trying to explain to him the rules of cricket, right? >> yeah. good luck with that one. >> that wasn't going anywhere, i can tell you. we'll talk more about that in a few minutes. we'll get back to other serious masters. unloimt in sxan keeps going up. we'll get the views of guy ryder, director general of the ilo. what are you doing? nothing. are you stealing our daughter's school supplies and taking them to work? no, i was just looking for my stapler and my... this thing. i save money by using fedex ground and buy my own supplies. t
thought they were going to have to do something. would you bet -- you look at the nikkei up 17% in the last quarter. lots happened. but there's potential for a lot more. >> my knowledge of -- of japanese politics isn't so great. >> no. >> the indications are that that is what is about to happen. certainly that's what the market's betting on. i couldn't -- >> yeah. >> give a view. >> okay. stick around. >> got it. >> if that's all right. global strategist for management. >>> oil prices up as u.s. lawmakers strike a deal on the fiscal cliff. how will the spread between brent and imix look in 2013? some think it could get a lot bigger. >>> i'll show where we stand with brent and imex. both prices up along with other so-called risk assets. nymex up to 92.65. brent trading below 112. and we have neil attkisson with us. i hope you had a good break. >> you, too. >> expected reaction in the oil markets to what was announced in washington last night. before christmas, number of guests said this would be the year where we're going to see a sharp divergence between in the -- in the spread
or reduce capacity and yet it has its own prerogatives, why would you bet at this point on the fact that prices or -- will go up or that supply will come down? >> i wouldn't be betting on it. i mean, i was there recently, and basically capacity -- they're producing about 20 million, 21 million tons now. in the next two years, they'll have capacity for over 30 million tons. they're not going to slow. they needed it for the local government for gdp growth. we're not going to see any shutdowns. any of the new production they're bringing on is lower cost type of production in the west because it has its own power source. it's not -- you know, doesn't need high cost power in which we see on the east coast. so i don't see the price -- the price can move higher just because of markets, but at the end of the day, i don't see it enough to get alcoa going from $9 or higher. >> yeah. and david, what is china doing to -- ing -- planning to do with their stockpile and production? >> the strategic reserve board just bought 100-pltons, trying to keep people afloat. they're giving subsidies from th
'll bet. so there are a lot of factors that speak for what the bundes bank is saying, what the economics numbers are saying. but from the second quarter onward of this year, we should be picking up. maybe not dynamically so, but picking up and not falling off a cliff. and in the eurozone crisis that we are in, that has to be good news already. >> sylvia, thanks for that for now. fill i didn't know is joining us in the studio, as well. what is the chance the first quarter is negative for germany? >> there's a fair chance. it's not our central view, but we're seeing stabilization over q1. particularly i think if you have a look at some of the indicators from the german surveys are suggesting perhaps even an upturn, particularly in the service sector. and that to me suggests that there is probably a better than even chance of another negative quarter in q1. >> and another recession for germany which implies a recession for the eurozone and yet the ecb is standing pat. >> it is standing pat, but the refinancing rate is 0.75% which is an all-time low with a plethora of nonconventional measure
. fine. but i don't like betting against the odds. those indexes are based on volatility and disaster. >> no, i'm just saying it suggests insurance at the moment. but you could buy option insurance at the down side is pretty cheap. >> well, what we tend to do is basically increase the cash when we're short the negative, reduce the cash when we're more positive and that's what we have done consistently since 2009. >> we're starting to get into earnings season here in europe following earnings season which is off to a reasonably good start in the u.s. are earnings relevant in this context? as we look, for example, at the u.s. and what we've seen there, it's come in relatively okay. >> apart from apple. >> exactly. >> yeah. the u.s. has been more positive in terms of earnings against other markets the last 12 or 18 months. i mean, this year, that gap is likely to narrow. and i think actually people probably underestimate it in europe the impact of the strength of the euro against everybody's expectations. and for a lot of markets, a lot of exports in europe, that could actually reduce ea
can bet people are keeping an eye on to whether it can punch through 1,500. many saying now is the time for profit-taking on the show. others saying there are reasons to be optimistic. tlook nasdaq. this is poised to open higher by 12 points. google, we'll hear from apple after the closing bell. earnings tech was not loved coming into the earnings period. helping to sort of get the market response relatively favorable when the companies come in, even if they just come in in line. let's take a look at what else has been happening across the world. european trade is mixed. we see the ftse up by .1%. it's .2 for the xetera dax. the ibex, 35, down .3%. bankia weighing on the boerse, down 5%. and the cac is weaker despite the fact that al catell lucent is one of the biggest gainers in the euro stock 600. let's look at the bond space. earlier we saw a pattern -- we're seeing spain rallying, too. a rotation out of britain, at least, into italy, into spain. 4.-- just under 4.2, 5.1% respectively for the ten year this. interestingly, though, even though the u.k. is -- gilds selling o
Search Results 0 to 7 of about 8